Top Rocker

HARD CHARGER is a term first heard in the military. It is customary to call a soldier or sailor who goes the "extra mile to simply complete a task or mission for the team without any self-interest a HARD CHARGER.

The atmosphere within any Jail or Prison is considered to one degree or another "para-military". Many former military personnel have become employed within the Department of Corrections. As time went by, some of the old military sayings have found a place within the walls of these facilities. HARD CHARGER is at the top of the list.

Within the Department of Corrections a Correction officer who goes that "extra mile" to complete any and all tasks, is a HARD CHARGER. Any Correction Officer who finds him/herself alone in a situation and does everything possible to "correct that situation" because it has to be done, is a HARD CHARGER. Any Department of Corrections personnel who has saved a life, prevented an assault, suicide, rape, escape or even a hostage situation without ever thinking about themselves first, is a HARD CHARGER. To help and/or assist someone under your control with learning a language, improving their education, assisting them with work and family relations on the outside is a HARD CHARGER. Any Correction Officer or employee "behind the wall" who has experienced any of the above without anyone giving thanks, nor expecting it, is a HARD CHARGER.

Side Patches

LE is the initials used for LAW ENFORCEMENT.

MC is the initials used for MOTORCYCLE CLUB.

Silver Eagle

The silver in the eagle represents the color of the badge that all Corrections Officers are given at the start of their career. All members wear a Silver Eagle, for we are all on the same level. The razor ribbon in its talons is self  explanatory, to those that work behind the wall. The Eagle itself stands for Freedom, our way of life.

Bottom Rocker

Accepted definition for Bottom Rockers is that they are displayed for geographical location or territory rights.

LE MC's Bottom Rocker signifies geographical location of their Chapter...ONLY!

LE MC"s Bottom Rocker does not signify territory.

Only 1%er's display their bottom rocker as territory. LE MC's do not!

Our bottom rocker governs our place of employment and location of the member's Chapter only, nothing else!


Example of bottom rockers:

  • State, Provincial, County, City with State initials names for Primary and Secondary members..Each Chapter President has a choice of picking the bottom rocker name when they first open their HCMC Chapter.  Once the choice has been made, it should not be changed. Additional Chapters in the same State, using the same name will have a roman number designation added to the back of the vest. The Roman number will be placed in the middle; below the eagle and just above the bottom rocker.

  • Military installation/facility names for Primary and Secondary members Military employees/personnel of that specific institution use the institution name.

  • Nomad is designated for full members, who because of distance, are unable to join a Chapter.

  • Supporter is designated for those who want to give support to this Motorcycle club. They can fall under the following categories: A.) A constant companion/rider of a member, B.) A potential, Associate member who is under the age of 21 and owns a motorcycle, C.) Does not own a motorcycle, but willing to travel on Chapter runs, functions, and/or events to support their Chapter in a vehicle. Supporter members will not be allowed to wear the LE and MC patches.



This color from ancient times has represented wisdom and good.


This color from ancient times has represented intelligence and truth.