An International law enforcement motorcycle club designed exclusively for the Department of Corrections.  Hard Chargers Motorcycle Club (HCMC) was founded by a Correctional officer, specifically for Corrections personnel, and their family and friends. We are the largest Correctional Officer, Law Enforcement based,Motorcyle Club in the world.


HCMC is the first Correction officer MC to use the LE as a patch. LE stands for law enforcement. Correction officers enforce the law within their facilities through the powers given to them by County, State, Provincial and Federal courts. Many facilities have C/O's have powers of arrest. These C/O's may or may not have been deputised by their respected Sheriff’s departments. They in turn, enforce the law at even a greater level than their counterparts.  Other C/O's are also part-time police officers. Military personnel can be both corrections and police.


HCMC's philosophy and by-laws are quite different than other Correction Officer MCs. It is much harder to acquire membership in this club. The requirements to maintain membership are based on time in employment, honour, honesty, confidentiality, responsibility, maturity and team effort.  We are not saying that the other MC's are lacking in any of this; just that these HCMC by-laws are different.


HCMC will never consider this MC to be better than any other Correction MC. As far as we are concerned, no MC is better than any other MC. What is best for a potential member is for them to decide which MC is better for them.  The philosophy of any MC is what makes or breaks that MC. Members join because they believe in the clubs way of life. They make their decisions based on what they see, feel and hear


We have been in contact with many MC members and their office holders. We all have the understanding that all bikers are brothers and sisters. And like all families, you don't always see eye to eye, and don't always get along with each other.


Any MC who gains another member...good for them. Any MC who loses a member to another MC...bad for one, good for the other one. The member is still a biker; still in a club, and still supporting one of hundreds of charity funds that nearly all MC's are involved in around this country. It's good business to keep the biker in a club, no matter whose club it is.

There is no doubt that HCMC will gain former members from other MC's. There is also no doubt that we will lose members to already established Correction officer MC's. Bottom line is the biker is still riding with other bikers, enjoying life and supporting other bikers and their philosophies. That is known as freedom of choice!


With Respect to all MCs


HCMC National President